Are you new to Nunchee? In just 10 minutes, you can easily start distributing your videos online with Nunchee. 

We will walk you through the setup of your account and the configuration of your branded apps, all in simple steps.  


Step 1: Start by logging into your account at At the top right corner of the site, enter your registered Email and Password. If you have yet to register, sign up for a free-trial.

Choose a plan, enter your billing information and get started.

Important Note: You will not be charged for anything during the trial period. And don’t worry! You can cancel whenever you want. 

Step 2: After logging in Nunchee Console, you will find sections for app configuration, content management, and  service administration. We strongly suggest that you start with the configuration and branding of your native apps and website. It’s an easy task that only takes a few minutes.

a)    Template Settings: You will be able to choose the template that best suits your type of content, and the color palette that best suits your brand. 

b)    Store Presence: This is the information that will appear in the App Store and Google Play when users look for your app. It is very important that you fill in all of the required information. Make sure it is very specific as well. Your app approval will depend on the information provided.  


Step 3: Create a Site Map: The site map is the content structure you want your OTT to have. Just add new pages and subpages to define how you want to organize your content. Click on “Add a page” to add a new section to the top Menu. These new sections will look like this on your OTT site: 

Once you create a page, add a sub page to it. Sub pages will then create subsections. They will look like this:

For more information on how to manage the App-Builder, watch the video available in this section or direct yourself to the Help section. You may also contact our Support Team at and ask for assistance. We will be happy to assist you during the onboarding process. 

Step 4: Content creation: Once your apps are configured, you can start uploading content and create playlists.

In the Content Section you can:

a)    Add new assets with a few clicks. Fill in all the metadata fields such as title, description, tags, categories, and so forth.

b)    Add images and a video for this content; upload directly from your desktop or choose from your library

Note: It is very important to select a specific category. Later on, you can create an automatic playlist with all content assigned to that category. This is how we organize your media assets in Nunchee.


Suggestions: When convenient, go back to the default configuration and make simple changes to suit your content strategy. For example, add new categories to sort your content more accurately; or create specific Access Groups to define who will have access to that content.


Step 5:  Playlist Creation: After adding your first few contents, start creating an automatic playlist for the different pages and subpages within the apps. You may be thinking that organizing a lot of content could be overwhelming, but lucky for you, we provide the tools to take the pain out of this process. Take a look down below. Hope you love this section as much as we do!

Important: Once you have selected a certain category or tag, all content that meet this criteria will be brought automatically into your playlist.


You can edit the default configuration to sort your content in several ways.

For more information on how to manage the Content or the Playlist Manager sections, watch the videos available in the corresponding section or ask for assistance. Don’t forget, wherever you are in Nunchee, help is never too far away! 


Step 6: Going Live: Ready to go live? Just return to the section, App Builder, and click on “Publish your apps”: 


  • You can track your app status, quota, and other interesting features from the Admin section.

  • Once you are up and running, you may be interested in taking a look at our Monetization Section. You can create a Subscription based model that is already integrated with Stripe. 

  • Nunchee is also integrated with in-app purchases and Ad Servers. If you want to include one of these advanced features, please schedule  a call with one of our video specialists. 


Welcome to Nunchee! It’s time to Go Live.