To access your user account details, go to the Admin tab, you will have all the information of your Nunchee account. Information regarding: 

  • Users

  • Billing 

  • App Status 

  • Quota Visualizer

  • Plans 

  • Clients

1)    Users: Need to add more people to your team. You can add Admin or Edit roles to your Nunchee account. With Admin role you can edit all type of information in your Nunchee account. With Edit role, users would have the authority to modify all content (eg: Playlist Manager and Content sections). 


2)    Billing:  Admin users can review all billing information about their Nunchee account. They can add new credit card information, view payment history, upgrade their plan or even cancel their subscription. 


3)    App Status:  Its is very important to review their app status in all OS. In this section admin users can verify the app status in every operating system. 

4)    Quota Visualizer: Depending on which plan you contract you will have access to this quota visualizer. You can check the following status: 

  1. Used Storage: You can check information in % of your total hired quota. This is how many gb of video has the user upload to Nunchee. 

  2. User traffic: You can check information in % of your total hired quota. This is how much traffic (in gb) your users had consumed on your service. 

  3. Active users: How many active users you`ve had in the last 30 days. 

  4. Videos uploaded: How many videos you have uploaded to Nunchee from the beginning of the account. 



  1. Plans: All information about plans in Nunchee.  

  2. Clients: Shows all registered users of your Nunchee OTT. You can list all users and download them. 


Nunchee tip: Be very careful to who you assign privileges to. Depending on the amount of control you want to have of your OTT. Nunchee team will be constantly add new features in order to have a better control of the usage.