Staff will be used on Video on Demand (VOD) and Live streaming to show content casting. You can add actors, actresses, directors, writers and more to your OOT videos content. 

Here you have an example of how a staff looks like on a content.

Follow the following steps to add new Staff to you content.

1)    Log on

2)    Go to Content > Staff > Add Staff

3)    Fill out all the fields and assign an Access Group to the new staff.

4)    Upload an Avatar Image.

5)    Once you created the new Cast, you will need to make it appear on your Video content.

6)    Go to Content Manager and click on either ‘VIDEO ON DEMAND’ or ‘LIVE’. The following steps are the same for both.

7)    Click on ´Add new Video on Demand´. You can also edit one of your current VOD.

8)    Go to section ‘Cast’ and click on ‘+’ and select an image.

9)    Save.

Changes are reflected automatically on your apps!