It is very simple to create a subscription video service using Nunchee.

Go to the App Builder Section > App Structure, and click on the Login / Register button. 

Whenever this section is enable, your video service would have the following behavior:

1)    Web Site: On the top right corner you will see a Login / Register button. All users will be allow to browse freely through the content, unless you configure an Access Group that denied access to unregistered users. 

2)  Apps: Apps behavior is a bit different. If the registration feature is turned on, user will not be allow to access the app, unless they are registered. 

Nunchee tip: Nunchee admin can turn this feature off at anytime. For paid subscriptions video services, the registration process is mandatory. Notice that Apple has strong conditions for apps that has registration and login user flows. Its is recommended to publish first with a free-to-access model and then apply registrations/subscriptions.