Streaming and Storage limitation come along with the plan you choose. You could find all details on

Storage space is the total amount of space used in Nunchee.

Streaming is the amount of data transfer that occurs between your Apps and end users.

You should take a look at your traffic in Nunchee in Admin > Quota Visualizer

So, what would happen if you reached the Storage limit? You will not be able to upload any content. You either delete some of your old content or upgrade your plan.

What would happen if you reached the Traffic limit? Your users will get an error message in the player or on their devices when trying to read your content.  

Nunchee Tip:  Its is very important that you understand that the streaming quota will only affect to the content that you uploaded directly to Nunchee. You can always add 3rd parties streaming URL, and embed Youtube or Twitter videos and this streaming will not affect your streaming quota. For more information talk to one of our video specialists.