Once you posted correctly your Live API Key, you can start creating Products for your Video business. 

You will need to fill all this fields in order to create your product. 

The name of the product is very important. This will be the way you identify your Product later. 

Once you finish this information, Nunchee will create an Access Group for this product. In order to start creating subscription models you need to add the monetization AG to the content you want. 

This way you can create different products for different type of users. For example you can create special pricing model for different countries, or different pricing for different contents, and so on! 

So... to sum things up: 

1) Synchronize your Stripe account with Nunchee (using your production API Key)

2) Create a product 

3) Nunchee will create a Product Access Group

4) Associate the Product Access Group to the content you want to be Premium. 

Now you are ready to conquer the OTT world!