As well as the Categories, Types help you to classify and maintain a coherent order to your content. Types are useful for classifying your VOD and Live contents. it’s crucial to create types for your assets.

The difference between the two is that a a Type after creating your PlayList, you could add sub child playlist to any of your programmes. 

Remember that your pages and subpages will need to be  populated with Playlists  from the Playlist Manager section, but within the programmes, you could also include some Playlists, thus ,Type are necessary. Please see one of our examples to make it clear.

Common Types for video content might include Season, Episode, Series, among others.

To create a New Type

Step 1: On the Nunchee navigation menu, click on Content.

Step 2: On the Content page, choose what kind of type you want to create. Click on "Add Category"

Step 3: On the Add Type page, enter a unique title and an access Groups. 

Step 4: Click Save.

To Edit a Type

Step 1: On the Nunchee navigation menu, click on Categories.

Step 2: On the Category page, search for the type to be edited, then click the Edit.

Step 3: On the Add Type page, edit the category, then click Save.