In order to create subscription models in your video business, you will need to follow this simple 3 steps: 

1) Integrate your Stripe account in Nunchee (see tutorial)

2) Create products in Nunchee (see tutorial)

3) Assign the correct access group for the premium content you want. 

Access Group: 

Every time you create a product, the system will create automatically in Stripe the same product (you don`t need to create products in Stripe, Nunchee will do it for you). 

Once the product is created, our system will create a new Access Group, with the same product name (make sure to give different names for the product you create). This access group is the rule that you need to add to the content you want to be premium. 

In the example above, you will see an Access Group called: Monthly subscription (Subscripción mensual). 

If you want a content to be premium and allow users to purchase this product in order to watch the content, then you need to add this AG to any content you want. 

Nunchee Tip: Please review the article: "Creating Access Groups in Nunchee", to understand the difference of adding an AG in the video asset or in the VOD asset.