Playlists are collections of videos and post that you assemble under a title and show in order, a post or video after the other. They are great for bundling sets of videos or post that you can then embed on your apps

To Create a Playlist

Step 1: On the Nunchee navigation menu, click on Playlist Manager.

Step 2: Select the page you want to add the new Playlist.

Step 3: Click on Add new Playlist.

Step 4: Enter all the metadata.

Playlist Name: Enter a unique title.

Access Group: Select an access group. For more details, see Access Group.

Type of Playlist: There are two type of Playlist: Content and News.

  • Content. To select "Video on Demand" and "Live" content.
  • News. To select "Post" content.

Tags: Filter by using Tags you used when creating new Content. For more details, see Upload Content.

Categories: Filter by using the Categories you used when creating new Content.  For more details, see Creating Categories.

Nunchee Tips: Type of PlayList, Tags, Categories and Content are used to filter your content. Between each other, an operator AND is used to combine filtering criteria. For example, let´s say we have the following criteria:

Type of PlayList: "Contents"

Tags: "promo"

Categories: "Trending"

Content Type: "Season"

The Playlist will try to bring all "Video on Demand" and "Live" content that match with above criteria. 

Tags = "promo" AND Categories = "Trending" AND Content Type = "Season"

Content Order: Select how your content is sorted.

Playlist Preview: You will see what content will be published on the selected playlist.