Once your apps are configured, your access group and Categories set up, It's time to start uploading content.

To create a New Post

Step 1: On the Nunchee navigation menu, click on Content Manager

Step 2: On the Content Manager page, on the "Post" tab, click on "Add a Post".

Step 3: Fill in the metadata attributes.

Title: Enter a unique title.

Short Description: Write a very short description that will appear just underneath of your selected image. 

Available From: Set a date when your Post will be available to users.

Available To:  Set a date when your Post will be hidden from your playlist.

Description:  Write here your Article or a New.

Tags: It provides a useful way to group related Posts, Videos On Demand or Live contents when creating a playlist from the Playlist Manager. Tags are similar to Categories, but they are used to describe your posts furthermore. Let’s say you’re about to post an article about the best soccer players of all time. You’d probably want to use a category like “Sports” or “Soccer”, and tags like “Maradona” and “Pelé”.

Categories: You can configure playlists to automatically bring your video content based on categories you've created.

Access Group: It allows you to restrict access to the content. For more details, see Access Groups.

Featured: Enable it, if you want mark a Post as a featured post.

Upload Video: You can upload a video from your desktop, Nunchee Library and you can also add a m3u8 URL for steaming content. Check out our Supported file formats before uploading.

Upload Image: You can upload a new image from your desktop or you can select one from your Nunchee Library.

Step 4: Click Save.