It is one of the most important things to do! 

You won`t see its value immediately... but believe us that you will be thanking us later. 

You can tag and categorize all content in Nunchee. 

1) News articles

2) Video on demand

3) Images

4) Video content

There are 2 main reasons to tag your content. 

1) For searching purposes: I bet that you have tons of content. If this is true, it is critical that you tag correctly your content. This way you will identify it in a much easier way and it will make your life a lot easier. Choose a category for your content and then use the category filters. You can always create new categories in > Content > Categories > Add Category.

Filtering by categories

2) For playlist creation: One of our favorite features, is the Playlist Manager. It is very simple to create Playlist in your video business when you tag and categorize correctly your content. Go to > Playlist Manager and start creating playlist filtering by categories or dynamic tags. Remember that Tags are sensible to Upper and lower case 

So start tagging and categorizing your content today! Tomorrow could be a bit later!