If you want to allow social sharing with Facebook on your new video site, follow the following instructions: 

Step 1: Do you have a Facebook app? Go to https://developers.facebook.com/ and login with your account. If you don`t have a Facebook app for your video service you need to create one. 

Step 2: Create a name for your app and configure an email for communication purposes. Click on Create Facebook ID. 

Step 3: Next step is to configure all information you require for your Facebook App. It is very important to submit your domain URL (the one you will use in your production environment). Remember that Nunchee will provide one for you, but you can change it whenever you want. Just contact our support team, and they will be happy to assist you. You can always come back to the Facebook App configuration to update this. 

Also you need to add: Privacy & Policies URL and Terms & Conditions URL. Nunchee also will provide this information. Just post the link of the Terms & Conditions (in both blanks) so that Facebook approves your app. It`s very important that  you comply with Facebook Terms & Conditions. You will also be require to select a category for your Site and all the information for your app. 

Step 4: Copy the Facebook ID & Paste it in Nunchee. Remember to publish your app in Facebook so that other users can share your content. Also remember that you need to publish (or re-publish) your Nunchee web app if you make any changes on the Store presence configuration. 

Happy videos!