Push messages are perfect for announcing new features or sending promotional offers as you can deep link customers directly to that feature or landing page.

They can also be used to to show the latest sports scores, the latest news, get a user to take an action and so on.

You could send mobile notifications that pops up on a mobile device.  Users don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them. 

How to Send Notifications

Step 1: On the Nunchee navigation menu, click on Content Manager.

Step 2: Find the Post or Video on Demand you would like to announce and click on the arrow. 

Step 3: Page redirects to the Push Notifications section. Fill in the metadata attributes.

Title: Enter a title for your message.

Deeplink: Think of a deep link as a URL that takes users to a specific page or product within a website.

Message: A short description of your message.

Notifications can be sent depending on Operating System and Login Country

Operating System:  Filter what devices to want to send to. If you selected iOS, the notification will only be sent to iOS devices.

Login Country:  Filter what user's countries want to send to. If you selected Brazil, the notification would only be sent to users who were logged in from Brazil.

Step 4: Clink on Send.  Messages are sent immediately.