Nunchee supports the rendering of closed captions or subtitles in the video display. These captions can be selected by viewers through the CC button.

Captions tracks are added to the video, so start by choosing the video you want from the Console.

Step 1: Log on 

Step 2: Go to Content > Media Library > Video Files.

Step 3: Click on the video you want to Edit.

Step 4: Click on the Add Subtitle under the Subtitles label and upload an existing captions file.

Step 5: Write the Caption's language for your reference and click on "+" icon.

Step 6: Click on Save

Supported Formats

Nunchee supports captions in two formats:

  • WebVTT, a plain text format that's part of the HTML5 standard. It's preferred for its styling and positioning capabilities. 
  • SRT, a plain text format that's popular amongst file sharers.