Are you looking to turn your online traffic into leads for your business? Your solution is a landing page.

Landing page should typically be focused on one goal that you’re looking to persuade traffic towards.

Here are some tips for an effective landing page:

Keep Content Clear and Concise:  Keep them clear and to the point. You should be focusing your audience’s attention towards what you want them to do (your CTA).

Call to Action (CTA): You should have a clear, single, call to action on your page. For example, get people to sign up for a trial. 

How to create a landing page in Nunchee.

A landing page is divided in 3 main sections.

  • A Hero section
  • Feature section
  • Video

Step 1: Log on

Step 2: Go to App Builder > Landing page > Click on "Create" button.

Hero section

It’s your first and only chance to engage the user enough to stay on the page and be persuaded by the rest of the content that follows.

Pick up a great title and an a good image. You can also add a video to the Hero section.

A "parallax effect" can be enabled. The website layout sees the background of the web page moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll. It 

Feature section

No matter how simple or complex your product or service is, figure out how to break it down into 3 or 4 steps to describe “How it Works”. 

Nunchee uses the wildly popular three-column and Side to Side layout to display their most popular features.


You can add a video to this section to show users a bit more of what your app does.

How to activate the Landing Page

When you have created your landing page, it's now time to activate it.

Step 1: Go to App Builder > App Structure > Advance Features section.

Step 2:  Enable landing page.

Step 3:  Save.